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'Ode' original artwork

'Ode' original artwork


Original artwork

Dimensions: 300mm x 370mm


Hand painted, embroidered and beaded on cotton, framed 


The first time ever offered for sale, Ode pays hommage to the shapes and symbols that surround us and aims to celebrate the beauty and harmony of them, how they interact with each other and their surrounds. 


Original artwork as used in the Gorman x Liz Payne collaboration for Autumn '17 (my dress I'm wearing!)


Sold framed. Please note shipping will be calculated for this artwork after purchasing at checkout in order to get an accurate estimate to your location. This additional fee can be settled by direct deposit upon organising. Depending on your location, this deposit can be all that is required. Upon checkout, please select option “$50 Shipping Deposit” and this will be deducted from the final shipping costs, if any. By clicking purchase, you agree to these terms. If you would like a shipping estimate before purchasing, email for direct quote, just be aware this does not 'hold' the item. Thank you.


Measurements taken are approximate due to the handmade nature of the artwork. It is these differences of the handmade process that makes each piece one of a kind ensuring each piece is a one-off collectable.

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