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Welcome to my online portfolio where you'll find examples of my work ranging from original artworks to wearable pieces of art. 

For available work check out my SHOP page, which is updated regularly.


All my works are designed, painted, hand embroidered and beaded by me, so each work is one of a kind and a one-off original. If you are interested in a custom artwork or a non-identical version of something you have seen previously please contact me. Please note however, that pieces can not be directly replicated, and no two pieces are ever exactly the same!

'Untitled Melody'
'Flower Spot'
'Origins', 'The One', 'Equality'
'Origins' detail
'Meeting Point'_in studio
'You Are A Sum...'
'Prism totem'
The Shield - workinprogress
'The Meeting Point'
repurposed textile necklace
'Chaos' wip
handmade necklaces
Ode dress with Ode artwork
custom wedding sneakers
rainbow fingerprint detail
hand embroidered sneakers
The Shield - wip
'Escapism' wip
Hand embroidered Denim jeans
'Equality' in studio
Eye rainbow sandals
'Ode' framed
embroidered tote bag
work in progress
eye earrings
work in progress
'Blooming' framed
embellished point shoe
'Eco' (detail)
'Evolution' detail
'Original Forms'
'unQuilted Remedy'
'Into the Blue' custom artwork
'Working Together'
'Burstings' (detail)
'The One'
'Chaos' (in progress)
'The One' (work in progress)
'Eco' (detail)
'Into the Blue'
'Not Afraid' (detail)
'Not Afraid'
'From the Beginning'
'Into the Blue' (in progress)
'Do You Feel It' (detail)
'It's Whats on the Inside...'
Patch (detail)
Embody (detail)
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