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'Light Within' - original artwork

'Light Within' - original artwork

'Light Within'; 2022

Dimensions: 205mm w x 190h


Cotton, threads and wool hand stitched on cotton. Unframed.

Finalist in the Petite Miniature Textiles exhibition at Wangaratta Art Gallery, Victoria, Australia, exhibited 18 June - 14 August 2022


Artists Statement: 

Patterns collide and collapse on each other in ‘Light Within’, merging in a kaleidoscopic exploration of colour and shape. The work begins by intuitively drawing onto white fabric, the lines are fluid and free and evoke a sense of movement and energy in the unexpected juxtaposition. Various threads and cottons are then hand embroidered onto the fabric in a palette consisting of vibrant oranges, pinks, neon yellow and blues and green. The smallest variance between details is integral to emphasise the chaotic pattern, from the variance in texture between threads to the swirling and sudden change of colours.


Selected for the Petite Miniature Textiles exhibition at Wangaratta Art Gallery, Victoria, Australia exhibited 18 June - 14 August 2022. "The exhibition presents the formost small-scale contemporary textile artworks from practising contemporary practitioners exploring a diverse range of techniques and ideas, from colour, texture and decoration to social, politial, and environmental issues - assuring textiles' place in the realm of the visual arts."


Sold unframed. I reccommend framing for my original textile artworks to prolong and protect the nature of the materials and am happy to advise upon the best methods to do this upon purchase. 

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