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Burda Magazine
Curium Magazine
Home - Inner West Courier

Love Embroidery Magazine UK May 2021

WOHNIDEE Magazine (Germany) 07/08 2020

Broadsheet.com.au "Heide, Gorman and 10 Years of Artist Collaborations"

De Fil En Aiguille publication by Charlotte Vannier

Sheridan and Nine Homes, as featured in Real Living Magazine

Home Beautiful 'Artist You Need to Know' July 2017

Burda Style Magazine August 2017

Stitch•illo : Encyclopaedia of Inspiration by Uppercase Magazine 2017

Gorman collaboration Autumn 17

Embroidery - The Textile Art Magazine May-June 2017

We Are Scout Feb 2017

Curium Magazine Dec 2016

By Way Of November 2016

Fenton & Fenton 'Meet Liz Payne' Nov 2016

Homemaker Magazine Sept 2016

La Ma Design 19/06/16

Etsy Blog Australia 13/06/16 

Frankie Magazine Issue 72 July/Aug 2016

WGSN 'The stunning embroidery Instagram account you'll love' June 14, 2016

Knit Wit Magazine Issue 4 28/05/2016

The Eye Creative Magazine Issue 7 20/05/2016

KPC Yarn Talking Textiles 17/05/2016

The Design Files 15/04/2016

Lilt Blog Artist Profile 13/04/2016

Armoire Magazine Issue 5 Prints & Patterns 16/03/2016

Homespun Magazine January 2016

Creative with Workbox Magazine Jan/Feb 2016

Etsy 'A Day in the Life of Liz Payne' 11/12/2015

News Local newspapers 14/10/2015

Brown Paper Bag 'How Did You Do That?' 16/11/2015

Bibelot Magazine 11/12/2015

Stolen Publications Issue 4 7/12/2015

State of Green 18/11/2015

Studio Home 18/08/2015

We Are Scout 'Space to Create' 28/07/2015
Etsy 'Meet the Winners of the Etsy Design Awards 2015' 26/06/2015
Inside Out June 2015
One Fine Day 22/07/2015

Ideas Block 31/04/2015

The Jealous Curator 18/03/2015

Design Sponge 'Best of the Web' 24/9/2015


Gorman x Liz Payne
9 Homes - Sheridan