Painting Rag Sculpture

Painting Rag Sculpture

Painting Rag sculpture

The Painting Rag sculpture started out as a piece of cloth used in my studio, where colours gradually and unintentionally built up over time. Wanting to immortalise this vital fabric and pay homage to this often overlooked object, I used the spontaneity of the various paint splotches to guide and drive where stitches and beads follow, enchancing the natural stains of the fabric by gradually building up more marks.


Scrunched up to mimic the original purpose of the cloth this piece is part sculpture, part painting and part a piece of textile art.


Sold unframed. Framing is recommended to prolong the delicate nature of this work. (This can be arranged or advised on upon purchase).


Dimensions: 230mm x 290mm x 40mm h


Hand embroidered cottons, wool, threads and beads on cotton